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You could be dishing out tips on where to eat in Paris, telling a real-time story of your trek around the ruins of Rome or heading to your favorite local haunts that you want to showcase to the world – you can do it all with just a few clicks on LeafCanoe. . . . Once you open the leaf, you will get a ping from the App if you have your GPS on and are nearby a place in the leaf. Perfect!

Declan Bradley from "The Two Gallivants"

Leaf Canoe App: The City Guide That Uses Photos On A Map!...Some Apps loose their luster after awhile. But Leaf Canoe is one I enjoy both when I travel and when I am home, which helps set it apart from many others out there... The reason a map like this works, is a traveler can decide how far they want to venture into a city. Or, what neighbourhoods they wish to visit on any given day, especially when attractions are in different places. By having photos on a map, not only can you see where you can go as a tourist in a city, but you can gauge what the areas look like through the photos that are uploaded before you even get there.

Toni Frazer from "Enchanted Serendipity"