How many folks get to combine their two biggest passions into one awesome job? Not many, but we do! And we love it! Plus, we get to share the love with you, which sweetens the pot even more.

Welcome to our world. We are travel enthusiasts and tech lovers. We believe technology should empower travelers to see and experience more of our world and to have more fun doing it.

What better way to empower travelers than with a massive database bursting at the seams with unique travel and exploration insights from your peers? You’ll always be in the know and you’ll never miss out on a hidden gem again. The best restaurants, sights, locations, and events to fit your unique tastes, all at your fingertips.

Maybe you’re an off-the-beaten-path traveler or maybe you’re all about mainstream attractions, or both! It doesn’t matter – LeafCanoe has you covered! Our interactive, user-built maps show you exactly how to get to your next adventure, what to expect when you arrive, and even what it will look like.

It’s every bit as fun and rewarding as it sounds – after all, we’re about connecting people with new experiences and putting smiles on their faces. But … Why is it called LeafCanoe, anyway? Good question! …

In many ancient works, Chinese poets described floating in whimsical leaf-like canoes along great mountains and amazing landscapes, fully immersed in nature. The exotic imagery of carefree travel, like a leaf at peace on the wind, inspired us to create the LeafCanoe brand name.


LeafCanoe has the potential to change the way people travel, by providing travelers with a wealth of travel information right at their fingertips. But to really know and appreciate LeafCanoe, let’s take a look at the story behind the app.

The Story of The Founder
Daijie Huang, the creator of the LeafCanoe, grew up in Xian, China. In her youth, she had very little contact with foreigners. But as China began to change, the country opened itself up to the outside world. Daijie soon became exposed to a world beyond the borders of her country, and eventually her lust for travel and experiencing new cultures grew. Inspired by her mother to dream big and see the world, Daijie moved to the United States to pursue an education and career in engineering. Over the years, her career evolved from engineering to product management, and now to entrepreneurship. As the founder of Innotechnologies, and the brains behind LeafCanoe, Daijie believes that having passion is the most important part of being a good leader and a successful entrepreneur.

Machu Picchu
For Daijie, this passion is travel. She started traveling during her college years, exploring her native China. Since then, she has visited eleven countries around the world. These days, Daijie mostly travels with her daughter, whose first major international trip was Vietnam in 2012, when she was 8. Through travel, Daijie hopes to inspire her daughter to learn about other cultures and new places. Many people are surprised that she travels with her daughter. However, Daijie knows that travel has made her daughter more open-minded and more street smart, and that is something that makes her feel proud as a parent. She’s happy that she has been able to pass on her passion for travel to her daughter.

This passion for travel is also what helped propel Daijie from being an engineer to an entrepreneur. On a trip to Angkor Wat, Daijie found herself in need of a relevant guidebook for the temples. She ended up purchasing a $20 guidebook that unfortunately did not have any useful information. That experience initiated the idea of LeafCanoe, as she thought about the possibilities of having a smart guide that geo-tags all information and shows travelers where the places are, how they look like, and what they are about in a very intuitive way.

So, the idea has concluded to a beta application on App Store and a vision to make LeafCanoe a marketplace where you can create, buy, and sell personal smart travel guides.  Instead of following a one-size-fits-all guide book and doing what a typical tourist do, travelers will have the choice to pick the personalized travel guide that fits their travel style.

Do you share the same vision as ours and want to become a part of our fun and rewarding endeavor?  Contact us!

Happy Travels!

LeafCanoe Team

InnoTechnologies, LLC

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