If you are a nature lover, you can’t miss Alaska

A few days ago, my friend asked me:” Between Alaska and Tibet, which one is better?” Honestly, it was a challenging question. Although Alaska doesn’t have much of history, culture, or local food,  compared to Tibet,  its stunning sceneries and amazing adventurous opportunities are simply hard to resist.
If you would like to see glaciers, you should visit Alaska, because it has around 100,000 glaciers in the state. It is true that Tibet has the world famous Everest glacier, but taking a closer look is nothing easy. However, for Alaska, you can walk on a glacier, kayak around a glacier, or even land on a glacier right from a helicopter.   There are so many ways to explore and experience.
If you are a fishing enthusiast, you should visit Alaska, because you will for sure catch something from a stream,  a lake,  or the sea .  While in Tibet, it is quite the opposite, because fishing is a taboo there. Athough it has the most unbelievable stunning lakes with plenty of fish, you will be empty handed.

If you would like to escape a few days from the modern world,  you should visit Alaska, because you can drive a motor home and stop whenever and wherever you feel like to. You can walk in the valley aimlessly, lose the sense of time, do some berry picking, go fishing and cook what you get. The life there can be so simple . While in Tibet, you are more likely to be an observer instead of a participant, because the tough conditions would deter you from the very beginning.


If you want to see the northern lights, you should visit Alaska, because you can easily drive to a hill top, settle down, relax, and enjoy the amazing wondrousness dancing in the sky while you are only a step away from your comfy motor home.
If you like Tibet but worried about things getting out of control, you should visit Alaska, because all the adventures are actually well managed excursions, which could be strenuous but nothing near dangerous.
This is Alaska, a place that you don’t want to resist.

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