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Are you a local expert or travel guru? If so, you’ve come to the right place. By creating a marketplace for travel stories, we are enabling you to transform your fascinating stories and knowledge into mini location based travel guides that you can sell on the LeafCanoe platform.

Sounds good? Cool!  We have implemented the travel guide features in the LeafCanoe app (sorry, we only support iphone/ipad version at this moment).   If you want to work with us and become one of the first experts who can sell their travel knowledge ahead of others, get on board now!

How to Enroll

Simple, sign up on the form below, then, download the LeafCanoe app and start to create one sample guide. To find examples of quality travel guides that we are looking for, check out the “Washington DC- In A Day” and “7 days in Italy” on the LeafCanoe app.

You can also find the detail guidelines of writing a quality travel guide at “How to Write the Best Ever Leaf on LeafCanoe“.

When you are done with the draft, publish it.  Your guide will be reviewed by us. If you are entitled as an expert, congratulations, you will be ready to sell your future guides after the 2.0 release.


How will the monetizing mechanism work?

Good question.  After the 2.0 release, as an entitled expert, you can set your premium travel guides for sale. The earnings from the transactions will be shared between you and us. We will let you take the big share, which is 70%. Sounds cool? We agree!

Not sure what kind of travel guides to create?

Easy, because it’s totally up to you! Your travel guides can be for locals who are looking for things in their neighborhoods, tourists who are looking for stories behind attractions, or savvy travelers who are looking for hidden gems.

Still with us? Great! Please fill out the following information now and get started.



The LeafCanoe Team
InnoTechnologies, LLC

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