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Documentaries about Asia you should watch - Where heaven meets hell (2013)

Thu, 23 Jul 2015 18:14:40 GMT

Hi guys! We are happy to hear that you loved our movie series "Travel documentaries every travel blogger should watch" including such hits like [Baraka](http://leafcanoe.com/community/#!/general:travel-documentaries-every) and the newer [Between Home](http://leafcanoe.com/community/#!/inspiring-stories:travel-documentaries-every). You asked if we could recommend you the best Asian documentaries this time, so we've listened to you and here we go with our brand-new series "Documentaries about Asia you should watch - Where heaven meets hell (2013)". "Where Heaven Meets Hell" tells the story of four out of 500 sulfur miners working at Kawah Ijen (an active volcano in Indonesia). Miners try to escape the poverty and lack of education and, thanks to the support of their families and drawing the strength from their Muslim faith, are determined to find the meaning in their daily struggles and triumphs. The movie is an intimate portrait that will move your hearts from the first scene. On an artistic side - it has one of the best photo shots I've ever seen in Java and it's extr emely touching in every dimension. Truly a must-see. Let us know if you've already seen this movie and if have other favorite documentaries about Asia. Feel free to share the links in the comment below! [TRAILER](https://vimeo.com/27339612) LeafCanoe Team