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Belgrade art guide. Murals, stencils, graffiti and more

Thu, 27 Aug 2015 12:18:24 GMT

What's up LeafCanoers? Here in LeafCanoe we love artsy destinations and we have written about some of them before, just take a look at the [Berlin Artsy Historic Places](http://leafcanoe.com/community/#!/travel-tips:berlin-artsy-historic-place) We know that Europe is full of artsy, unique places and we've recently spotted another hidden gem - a special art street in Belgrade, Serbia! Plenty of original murals and stencils are decorating walls, hallways and school yards of the acclaimed Belgrade Savamala street art. They are scattered in the entire Savamala district, but don't worry - there's plenty of cultural spots, local cafe and trendy bars, so even a 2 hour walk around this area won't be a boring experience for a second. Our new LeafCanoer `grassrootnomand` is a real art enthusiast and you can surely find great recommendations in the latest leaf called "Savamala street art - Belgrade", including Belgrade's alleys and passage ways murals by Aleksandar Macasev in Crnogorska street or a symbolic "The Ghost of People of Savamala" representing the challenges faced by people living in this area. All in all, it's a unique and inspiring experience to wander around those artsy streets and admire contemporary masterpieces! Don't miss out! Wishing y'all more artsy travels this year! Dmastermind [Savamala](//muut.com/u/leafcanoer/s1/:leafcanoer:JmXV:savamala.jpg.jpg) [Savamala 3](//muut.com/u/leafcanoer/s1/:leafcanoer:KT0n:savamala3.jpg.jpg) [Savamala 2](//muut.com/u/leafcanoer/s1/:leafcanoer:vvop:savamala2.jpg.jpg)