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Holiday in Greece during the economic crisis? 4 things you should know

Wed, 01 Jul 2015 11:38:28 GMT

Greece remains one of the most popular spots for holidaymakers and I am sure that at at least one point in your life you have considered to visit it, if you haven't been there yet. *As the Greek crisis unfolds and becomes a hot topic in media, many travelers start asking themselves: "Should I go there now?" or "Should I cancel my trip? I've already booked it..."* In any case, first read 4 golden advice from LeafCanoe travel experts regarding traveling to Greece during the crisis and then make up your mind. *1. Taking advantage of lower prices* Greece is not only beautiful, but is also a great bet for bargain hunters, especially during the economic crisis. Prices in Crete and Corfu are down by around 13% this year and keep dropping. The price of holidays in Greece mainland has also dropped, so if you're searching for a cheap option you might re-consider this country. Couples spend an average around $750 in cash on a fortnight's holiday - on things like meals out, local trips and coffees. For a family, let say it's $1100. That does not include accommodation. *2. M ore cash in pocket in case of emergency* Your health and safety is the most important asset, so make sure you have sufficient cash in your pocket (euros) to cover your stay, emergencies, unforeseen circumstances or some delays. *The recent limits on withdrawals from ATMs by those with Greek bank accounts do not apply to tourists, but you might be concerned if the cash machines aren't empty*. All cards such as MasterCard and Visa, will continue to work as normal, but Western Union might be occasionally closed. Also, smaller shops and restaurants may be reluctant to accept credit cards, so prepare to pay in cash instead. This leads you to another piece of advice... *3. Pay online in advance* Basically try to pay online for everything you can in advance, including accommodation or car rental, instead of using vouchers or cash. Nowadays you can pay online for everything, or almost everything. Just make sure you have an additional cash (more than you would normally take) in case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances and inability to pay by credit card in certain stores as mentioned above. *4. Security precautions against theft* More money in pocket during holidays means more trouble, so use safes and deposit boxes to store cash and split money between family members, or, when you travel alone, split the money in parts and have them hidden in few pockets. Another way to protect yourself against theft is to *buy an insurance covering you for stolen money*. Aviva, the insurance group, for example, has doubled the cover in case your money gets stolen while on holiday in Greece. The regular amount of lost cash covered goes up to around $940 from $460 per adult, so a couple would have nearly $1,900 of cash protected. Let us know below if you like our piece of advice. We hope they will help you in making more educated traveling decisions :-) *Drop us feedback to share news or other piece of advice on traveling in Greece.* Thanks LeafCanoe Team