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Travel Don'ts

Wed, 20 May 2015 16:28:27 GMT

What's up LeafCanoers? Normally, in this section we provide you with some great tips on where to go or what to do to enjoy your travels to the fullest. However, even such a delightful activity like traveling has its dark side. That's right! And unfortunately, in this case the blame is on people who consciously or unconsciously (which really does not matter, because the result is the same!) do extremely silly things. Below, I share with you few examples of behavior that really piss me off during my travels. My personal "HALL OF SHAME" list: 1. Being cruel or being silly around animals. It always results in someone’s being hurt: animal or human. 2. Littering. No explanation here, I guess, just a "says it all" picture in attachment to this post... 3. Having absolutely no respect for historical sites or items with a historical value resulting in destroying these important artifacts. 4. No cultural sensitivity or cultural awareness whatsoever, including a disregard for rules in places like Churches, Temples, ecc. 5. Saying silly things in the front of locals or what’s wo rse and inexplicable - expressing contempt towards them (what the heck?). If you feel the same, just share your thoughts and pictures below. I think that certain behaviors should not be tolerated, so exposing them will help in raising awareness or in eliminating them, at least to the certain degree. P.S. These are not pictures from MY travels, but rather some interesting examples from the Internet, portraying perfectly my personal "Hall of Shame" list. It would matter a lot for us, if you join in and share your thoughts, Cheers [Bear-selfie](//muut.com/u/leafcanoer/s1/:leafcanoer:7i4u:bearselfie.jpg.jpg) [Grizzlybear](//muut.com/u/leafcanoer/s1/:leafcanoer:dTdi:grizzlybear.jpg.jpg) [Just being stupid](//muut.com/u/leafcanoer/s2/:leafcanoer:3K8z:justbeingstupid.jpg.jpg) [No sign](//muut.com/u/leafcanoer/s1/:leafcanoer:Al5s:nosign.jpg.jpg) [Water animals](//muut.com/u/leafcanoer/s1/:leafcanoer:jc2O:wateranimals.jpg.jpg) [Poor dolphin](//muut.com/u/leafcanoer/s1/:leafcanoer:7par:poordolphin.jpg.jpg) [Littering during flight](//muut.com/u/leafcanoer/s1/:leafcanoer:4YG9:litteringduringflight.jpg.jpg)

Mon, 10 Aug 2015 08:02:54 GMT

Hi guys, today we are sharing with you another interesting articles where you will be reading about the most silly, outraging, brainless Travelers. Their actions constitute a great deal of the Travel Dont's, which we will be adding to our Hall of Shame list. 1. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/12/world/europe/selfie-vacation-damage-majorca-paris-ibiza-rome.html 2. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/19/opinion/sunday/the-revolt-against-tourism.html?_r=0 So what are the most silly tourists behaviors you can possibly imagine? Read examples from the below: 1. Posing naked at Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat. 2. Scratching initials into a wall of the Colosseum and snapping a photograph. 3. Climbing an 18th-century marble sculpture of Hercules in Italy to take a photograph of themselves, ending up causing a crown on it to smash to pieces. 4. Stalking and touching a sentry at Windsor Castle near London. 5. Throwing hot water on a flight attendant in a dispute over seats. 6. Opening the door of an airplane, as it prepared for takeoff, reportedly to get fresh air. 7. Breaking off a finger from Pio Fedi’s statue of the Rape of Polyxena in Florence. 8. Urinating in the dome of the cathedral of Florence. SHAME! P.S. Join in and share your experiences about the shameless travelers. Put them into our Hall of Shame to expose their stupidity and to raise the awareness among others.