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Travel Dont's: "Taming" Tigers

Wed, 03 Jun 2015 16:32:41 GMT

Previously, I wrote about 5 Travel Dont's in http://leafcanoe.com/community/#!/travel-tips:travel-donts Today I am going to focus a bit more on the point no 1: "Being cruel or being silly around animals. It always results in someone’s being hurt: animal or human." As you probably know by now, there's a Thai "Tiger Temple" (Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua) where tourists can pet "tamed" tigers chained down like prisoners and take "O.M.G the most awesome selfies" for Facebook or Instagram while holding up a tiger’s tail or shoving a baby bottle with milk down a tiger cub’s mouth.... Have these people ever thought of how the tigers felt staying in 104 degree Fahrenheit for up to 3 hours straight to please them? My guess is that it probably hasn't even crossed their mind. Here you have "4 whys" for places like “Tiger Temple” in Thailand to be dismantled: 1. Young Tiger cubs are taken from their mothers and given to tourists for bottle feeding and cuddling. Tigers cubs should stay with their mothers until about the age of two instead of being given to a random group of people w ithout any specific reason other than taking an effective selfie... 2. Tigers are solitary, wild animals that need big spaces to run across and exercise their muscle daily, but few of them actually get to at Tiger Temple. They are often stuck in a cage — many of them in one cage. 3. Did I mention that tigers were wild, solitary animals? Yes. So, again - no matter how well they were "trained" and "tamed" - tigers might be still dangerous and unpredictable. Every year there's an accident in which a tiger mauls a tourist because, even though it was stripped from his mother in an early age, a tiger will always have an animal instinct ready to lash out when the animal feels somehow threatened. Plus, why someone is even taking away tiger's natural, innate right to stay in the wild? 4. How do we know where the money “donated” by tourists to "Tiger Temple" really go? To tigers conservation? If this is the way they "conserve" tigers I would not have high hopes that anything good is happening with these donations. They obviously don't help tigers in the wild. To me it's just another, shady business. *If you really want to make a difference, please share this with your friends and start raising consciousness.* Cheers Dmastermind [Tigers tail](//muut.com/u/leafcanoer/s1/:leafcanoer:LRSu:tigerstail.jpg.jpg)