Monetize Your Travels With the Expert Program

Have you ever wondered how you can earn money through your travel stories? With the new Expert Program on LeafCanoe, you will soon have the ability to monetize your travels. The new program is set to launch in November 2016, but LeafCanoers have the opportunity to sign up early and start earning money sooner.  Share what you know about the world, and get money for it. That sounds like a pretty great combination!

monetize your travels

What it’s all about
As travelers, we all love sharing stories and tips about our travels. The LeafCanoe app is the perfect outlet for travelers to share their experiences, because it allows them to record and share their travels directly on their phone, where ever they may be. But the LeafCanoe app is also a great resource for travelers looking for ideas for places to visit. In a sense, each leaf is like a mini travel guide that travelers can refer to from anywhere in the world. It can serve as a valuable resource for travelers to really understand a new place like a local.

But not all leaves are created equal. We here at LeafCanoe have found that some LeafCanoers go above and beyond to create leaves that provide great insights and information on a particular destination. And it’s time we start rewarding them for that effort.

monetize your travels

How it Works
With the launch of the Expert Program, LeafCanoers can sign up to become experts, and provide premium smart guides for the app. These smart guides are full of information and advanced functions that users can pay to unlock. This new program is tied to our upcoming Kickstarter campaign to allow backers to pre-purchase smart guides. Those who sign up now as experts will have the opportunity to create smart guides and start earning from them before the official launch of the program.

How Much Will Experts Earn?
The virtual currency for LeafCanoe are flowers. With the new Expert Program, users will need to spend flowers to unlock additional information found in the smart guides. Each unlock is worth $1, and experts will earn $0.70 for every unlock. During the Kickstarter campaign, only backers will be able to unlock smart guides, but once the Expert Program is officially launched at the end of 2016, all users will able to unlock by spending flowers.

For experts, this is a great opportunity to make as little or as much as you want from your leaves. The more opportunities for unlocking you provide in your smart guides, the more you can potentially earn.

monetize your travels

How To Sign Up
Signing up for the Expert Program is easy to do and can be done right now. To get started, go to the LeafCanoe home page and click the “Work With Us” link. You can then scroll to the bottom of the page to fill out the enrollment form. You will need to provide information such as your email and social media profiles in order to enroll.

Once enrolled, you can start creating your smart guides. From now until April 24th, you will need to create three smart guides and post them to the LeafCanoe app. For tips on how to create a leaf, refer to our post, “How to Create the Best-Ever Leaf on LeafCanoe.”

monetize your travels

Once you’ve posted your smart guides, you will need to let our team know, in order for them to review your leaves. Notification can be done by sharing the leaf on the LeafCanoe app and tagging @GoLeafCanoe on Twitter or @LeafCanoe on Facebook. If the LeafCanoe team loves your smart guides, you will be entitled as a LeafCanoe expert, and you can start earning money for your leaves!

It’s now easier than ever to monetize your travels. With the new Expert Program at LeafCanoe, you can earn money by sharing your travel expertise to your fellow travelers. Think of it as being rewarded for helping someone out.

monetize your travels

Ready to get started? Sign up to be an expert today!

To learn more about the Expert Program, visit the LeafCanoe website for more details.

And if you aren’t on LeafCanoe yet, download the LeafCanoe app to get started on sharing your travel stories.

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