Touring the World with New York Restaurants

New York is a city known for its cosmopolitan feel. Home to people from almost every country in the world, a trip to New York can expose you to virtually any culture imaginable. A great way to learn about another culture is through food, and in New York, global restaurants abound, from small hole in the wall restaurants, to large five-star dining establishments. Leafcanoer travelfreak recently shared his top places to eat and drink in New York in his leaf titled “The Ultimate Guide to Eating and Drinking in NYC.” Here are some highlights from that leaf, to get you started on your own global tour of New York restaurants.

Caribbean Flair
El Malecon, located in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, has been serving up Caribbean food, particularly from the Dominican Republic, for over 30 years. The restaurant is famous for its rotisserie chicken, but diners also enjoy their mofongo, flan, and seafood. El Malecon prides itself on serving home-style food. For an introduction to Caribbean cuisine, El Malecon is a great starting point for New York restuarants.

New York restaurants - El Malecon

Authentic Yet Unconventional Chinese
Evidently, the best Chinese food is not in Chinatown, but rather, in Queens! Fu Run Restaurant in Flushing, Queens is famous for their traditional Chinese dishes originating from the Dongbei region of northern China. More rustic in style than the Szechuan style of cuisine typically found in most Chinese restaurants in the United States, one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes is the Muslim lamb chops. The rest of their menu offers a selection of dumplings, noodles, and rice dishes, as well as meats and seafood. Fu Run Restaurant has won critical acclaim from publications like Serious Eats and the Village Voice.

New York restaurants - Fu Run Restaurant

Discovering Central Europe
A trip across the bridge to Brooklyn takes you to Milan’s Restaurant, which serves up genuine Slovak and Czech cuisine. With dishes like Hungarian goulash and potato pancakes, patrons of Milan’s Restaurant love it for its hearty meals. Milan’s Restaurant also offers a selection of Czech and Irish beer. The restaurant also sells specialty Czech and Slovak grocery items, for those interested in stocking up their pantry with the flavors of Central Europe.

New York restaurants - Milan's Restaurant

Classic Vietnamese Flavors
Heading back towards Manhattan into Greenwich Village, you’ll find yourself at Saigon Shack for a taste of Vietnam. Most Vietnamese establishments are known for their pho, a hot noodle soup with star-anise spiced beef broth. However, Saigon Shack also serves up other classic Vietnamese dishes such as bahn mi sandwiches, spring rolls and summer rolls. On this culinary tour of New York restaurants, a stop at Saigon Shack is worth taking.

New York restaurants - Saigon Shack

An Italian Institution
For classic Italian flavors, head to Alleva Dairy, a New York City institution found in Little Italy. Priding itself on being the “oldest Italian cheese store in America,” Alleva Dairy has been in New York since 1892, and continues to be a popular spot for specialty Italian cheeses and meats. Though not actually a restaurant, Alleva Dairy does serve up a delicious selection of Italian sub sandwiches. The store is family owned, with its founder, Pina Alleva, having emigrated to the United States from Benevento, Italy. Many of the cheese recipes created by Pina are still in use today at the store.

New York restaurants - Alleva Dairy

With such a global selection of New York restaurants, you can virtually take a trip around the world without even leaving the city! Essentially, that is the wonderful thing about New York City. The city is so rich in global cultures, it’s easy to expose yourself to the world, just by walking around the city.

For more ideas about New York restaurants, check out more of travelfreak’s leaf, or download the LeafCanoe app to explore other travel destinations.

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