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Countdown to our LeafCanoe Kickstarter Campaign!

It’s an exciting time here at LeafCanoe! We have some new developments in the works for the coming months, including an awesome LeafCanoe Kickstarter campaign. If you have been enjoying the LeafCanoe app so far, you’ll love some of the changes we’ll be bringing on to the platform.

LeafCanoe Kickstarter

Our latest change has been the launch of our Expert Program. Over the last several months, we’ve been growing our list of travel experts – those folks who really know a lot about a particular style of travel – and have worked with them to be part of our Expert Program. Under the Expert Program, travel experts have the opportunity to create travel guides, and earn money for their guides. What’s more, they will be known in the LeafCanoe community as experts on their particular style of travel. There are still plenty of spots left under the Expert Program, so if you’re interested in being one of our travel experts, now is the time! Or if you’re interested to see who our current travel experts are, read about them on our blog post, Get to Know Your Travel Style.

If you’ve been following LeafCanoe, you may have seen that we will soon be launching a LeafCanoe Kickstarter campaign on July 9th. The campaign will help turn LeafCanoe into a marketplace to create and sell personal smart travel guides. Our travel experts will play a big role in this big change, so if you haven’t signed up to become a travel expert, this is one more reason to do it now.

LeafCanoe Kickstarter

At LeafCanoe, we are all about building a travel community, beyond just the creation and sharing of travel guides. With the LeafCanoe Kickstarter campaign launch just a month away, we’ve created a Facebook event to get you excited and revved up about the campaign. Now you can get updates on the latest developments of the Kickstarter campaign, be introduced to our LeafCanoe travel experts, and share this event with friends in your travel circles.

If you’re interested in more ways to get involved with our travel community, then you’re in luck. With our Facebook event page, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to engage with the LeafCanoe travel community through our daily themes. They’re geared to help spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign, and build excitement.

LeafCanoe Kickstarter

Each Thursday is #leafcanoehometown day. Share what you love about your hometown with the LeafCanoe community.

Friday is #leafcanoeexpert day, where we’ll be introducing you to our LeafCanoe Travel Experts, and give you a chance to get to know who they are and their travel style.

On Saturdays, we’ll have #leafcanoefriendship day. This is an opportunity for you to share the LeafCanoe Kickstater Facebook event with your friends among your travel circles.

Sunday is #leafcanoetravel day. This is when we’ll share our upcoming travel plans, and invite you to join in on the discussion.

And finally, on Mondays we’ll be having #leafcanoesneakpeak day. This is our most exciting day of the week, because we’ll be giving you exclusive sneak peaks about our Kickstarter campaign.

LeafCanoe Kickstarter

This is an exciting time for LeafCanoe, and we want to share that excitement with you. As always, you can always share with your friends this great tool by having them download the LeafCanoe app and see for themselves. But as we countdown to the launch of our LeafCanoe Kickstarter campaign, the biggest thing you can do is join the event on Facebook and share it with your friends. Spread the word and spread the excitement! Help us create a community of travelers. And most importantly, help us make LeafCanoe the best marketplace for travelers!

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