Travel in Tibet 1: Arriving in Lhasa

The First Day

To my surprise, Xiaoyur was a very well connected person. When we flew in Lhasa, there were people already waiting at the airport. The girl was very welcoming. While asking about our trip, she and the driver took the luggage and led us the way . Walking at such a high altitude is indeed consuming the energy. Although we took our time and shuffled to the car, my head started feeling a little heavy already. Considering that I had been on the road for weeks and got a little bit exhausted already, I actually thought the symptom was not bad at all. Espcially, it was nothing near what I had in Cusco, where I felt my head was going to explode.

Xiaoyur was not in her best health condition either at the moment. Too excited in meeting old friends in the college re-union party right before the Tibet trip, she got sick and had a low fever last night. Although she claimed OK this morning, I thought, she would take all the efforts to rest and get used to the high altitude as soon as possible. However, she didn’t have the chance. A very social and nice person who had a hard time to say no, she was kept busy in chatting with the friendly girl about Lhasa in the car, and, soon, she felt sick. It looked like that even the supplement she had taken for two weeks, which claimed to prevent the altitude sickness, didn’t help.


The guest house was located in the center of Lhasa, where vehicles were prohibited. After waving bye to the nice girl and the driver, we strolled along the busiest touristy street and trudged in the guesthouse, exhausted. Quickly, 6 girls of the travel group arrived in the guest house. Except wucong, all other five girls had never done a group travel with strangers who only met on the internet. This was new and exciting.  As the group leader, though still not feeling well, Xiaoyur joined us at the dinner and greated all gals. The dishes were delicious. If you are still thinking that Lhasa is underdeveloped… , think twice.

Stuffed, we went out and wandered around the little shops nearby. Out of no where, my heartbeat went crazy suddenly, though only for a few seconds, it scared me. Would I be able to do the hiking at 5000 meters above the sea level? Xiaoyu’s itinerary seemed too ambitious. I was afraid that she was not in the great condition for the challenge at the Gangrenboqi mountain as well.

The Second Day (to be continued)

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