Meet a Travel Expert: Amanda Tiffany of Gallivant Society

In the world of travel, becoming a travel expert is something that almost every traveler aspires to become. Travel experts know the secret spots in a particular locale, they are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to travel tips and advice, and they are always the ones with the most interesting stories to tell.

This week, we are highlighting travel expert, Amanda Tiffany, a nature lover and traveler extraordinaire. Amanda’s leaves, including “Explore the Untouched Beauty of Southern Belize” and “The Possibilities for Adventure are Endless in Cayo, Belize” all draw from her experiences living overseas and experiencing nature. Having lived and traveled abroad for many years, Amanda has plenty of stories to share with the LeafCanoe community.

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We recently caught up with Amanda, and asked her to share some of her travel experiences with us.

When and why did you start the Gallivant Society blog?
Gallivant Society was established last year in 2015. Right now it’s a side project that I hope will eventually lead to a full time, location independent source of income.

What do you look for when you travel?
When I travel the two big things I look for is nature and culture. I love hiking, spelunking, and scuba diving. Basically I’m up for any activity where I get to enjoy the great outdoors. For this reason, I can’t say I’m a city person. But I do love the diversity that cities provide. I truly enjoy trying new foods, visiting museums and other exhibits, and going to festivals that aren’t as readily available in small towns.

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What’s your travel motivation and goals?
My goal is to be able to work wherever my travels take me.

Wanderlust is a true affliction I suffer from. I have a strong desire to see everything and go everywhere. I’m always planning for the next trip. Even while I’m on holiday, the next adventure or 20 is already in the planning stages. My goal is to be a slow traveler. To me, this means I would like to live in a different location every few years, fully immersing myself in the local culture and experiences available. I enjoy really getting to know a place and the local people. Not that I’m opposed to the weekend blitz vacation, by any means.


What has been your favorite travel memory so far?
This is a really hard question as every trip has its own unique set of memories. The most rewarding memory I have was volunteering in Belize for four years. I’m fluent in American Sign Language and worked with deaf individuals and their families, helping them to be able to communicate and interact better with each other. New Zealand, however, is by far the most beautiful memory I have so far. I spent two breathtaking weeks driving around the South Island in a caravan seeing the most indescribable beauty.

What leaves can we expect next from you?
I’m currently in Northern Michigan for the summer working on my ASA. I just spent a week in the Keweenaw Peninsula on a geology field study. Traverse City and the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore are among a few of the gems Good Morning America voted to be the “The most beautiful place in America” in 2011. I would like to complete a series of guides from a local perspective so future visitors can enjoy Northern Michigan to its fullest.

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With experiences in Belize, New Zealand, and all throughout North America, Amanda is certainly quite the travel expert. If you love her nature-loving style of travel, check out the rest of her leaves on the LeafCanoe app, available for download at the App Store.

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