Travel in Tibet 3: Getting Ready for the Road Trip

In the early morning, it started to rain, heavily. Not really feeling myself,  I decided to stay in bed and let my mind and body fully recover from the  high altitude sickness.  ‘Did Xiayu go to the Potala place as planned?’ I was wondering, half-awake. She was already not feeling well last night, visiting the place in the rain would be really daunting…


Around noon time, my energy finally boosted up. I decided to visit a well known local restaurant, Xueyu Café. By the time I sat down at the table and took a look at WeChat, my feed was already flooded with Xiaoyu’s pictures of the Potala Palace. I was surprised she went.   Hopefully, she was feeling ok. I messaged the whole group and invited them all to have a lunch here. In no time, Xiaoyu’s party, her sister in law and her best friend Caiyun, replied my message. They were joining me.  However, the moment they walked in the resteraunt, Xiaoyu started to feel nauseous. They went back to the guest house right away. Eating alone was boring, so I decided to wait a little longer. Happily,  Wucong and Dengfenglai joined me. We had the Tibetan yogurt cake, the barley cake, and the yolk meat. Honestly, the yak meat was bland, and a little disappointing, but the yogurt and barley  cakes were really good. After lunch, we went to Wucong’s buddy’s studio. Dengfenglai picked a pretty Tibetan costume and dressed up the way she had dreamed of doing.  In the full costume, Dengfenglai walked with me around the Sera Monastery, a well known place to watch lama debate.



It seemed that Xiaoyu was down, so her sister in law stepped up and messaged the whole group to meet our drivers.  At the first sight of the middle man, I started to worry. He didn’t look like he could be trusted to me… the way he kept smiling at all of us was unnerving, but his eyes was not sending the same message…  I couldn’t help questioning his credibility. Anyway, I  just wanted to  follow the leader, make friends and relax.  I blocked my uneasy thoughts and started to chat with the newly arrived team mates: Chujian and Yujian. Chujian and Yujian were close friends who grew up together . Although they shared no blood relations, they looked like sisters, even twins.  Chujian had a boyish type of character, while Yujian was a very lady-like girl. These two seemed very likeable to me.


The Fourth Day

Xiaoyu was out of the game.

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