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Must visit places in Nov/Dec vol.2

Thu, 19 Nov 2015 22:12:41 GMT

*The LeafCanoe Thursday Travel News* is here again! This time we focus on the coolest music festivals (and one skii festival) to visit in the upcoming 2 weeks from now! Get ready, because end of November is full of surprises! Check out this ever-growing, always-updating, comprehensive directory of music & sports festivals! If you organize events yourself and would love to share this info here, don’t be shy. November and December don’t have to be boring! *Let’s start our Thursday Travel News* November 27-28: [DREAMSTATE 2015](http://www.musicfestivaljunkies.com/festivals/dreamstate-2015/), United States November 27-29: [Synergy LIVE](http://www.musicfestivaljunkies.com/festivals/synergy-live-2015/), South Africa November 27-29: [ClockenFlap](http://www.musicfestivaljunkies.com/festivals/clockenflap-2015/), HK, China November 28-29 [Neon Lights](http://www.musicfestivaljunkies.com/festivals/neon-lights-2015/), Singapore November 28-29: [APRÈS SKI 2015](http://apre sskipraha.cz/), Czech Republic November 27 - December 6:[Stereosonic]( http://www.musicfestivaljunkies.com/festivals/stereosonic-2015/), Australia Thanks a lot! Dmastermind