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Must visit places in November vol.1

Thu, 22 Oct 2015 13:00:33 GMT

Hi LeafCanoers, we are coming back with the most exciting activities to participate in at the beginning of November! We agree, it’s generally a cold month, but guess what: NOT EVERYWHERE! So if you’re planning to go somewhere warm abroad in November why not to choose the place where actually something massively cool is happening? Like *Mexico*? Do you know that the exciting *Formula 1 will return to Mexico on November 1st for the first time since 1992?* The course is incredibly historic. *The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit was named after two racing driver brothers, Ricardo and Pedro Rodriguez*, and has also hosted several *NASCAR events*. Or maybe *you’re from Europe* and you want a great, *nearby place* to visit in November? *Indulge your inner culture vulture in Thessaloniki!* It’s an awesome alternative to the summer hotspots of the south. November is the time when the island is losing its buzz. Additionally Thessaloniki’s renowned *International Film Festival (6 - 15 Nov 2015)* a southeastern Europe’s top silver-screen event is being held there that time. Y ou will see there plenty of independent cinema ranging from experimental to famous directors’ works. Of course apart from the film festival there’s plenty to see in Thessaloniki! *An impressive Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Jewish heritage* will keep you immersed for days: see *a waterfront White Tower* (now an interactive museum), *alleyways of Ano Poli (Upper Town)*, or the ancient churches’ *frescoes and mosaics* . Thessaloniki builds on seafood scene with innovative cuisine, you will be eating too much again! But isn't what's holiday about? *Thursday Travel News* October 30–November 11: [Dijon International and Gastronomic Fair]( http://www.foirededijon.com/), France November 3–8: [Sarajevo Jazz Fest]( https://jazzfest.ba/en/), Bosnia and Herzegovina November 5: [Guy Fawkes Night](http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/uk/guy-fawkes-day), United Kingdom November 5–11: [Istanbul International Short Film Festival]( http://www.istanbulfilmfestival.com/), Turkey November 9: [Virgen de la Almudena]( http://www.simplymadrid.org/ce/festivals/la-almudena), Madrid, Spain November: [Mexican Grand Prix]( https://www.formula1.com/content/fom-website/en/championship/races/2015/Mexico.html), Mexico November: great season to visit Greece I hope you love it! Please leave your feedback Dmastermind