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Must visit places in November vol.3

Thu, 05 Nov 2015 14:03:46 GMT

Hi guys, Want to go somewhere cool in November and need recommendation? Read about activities and festivals to join in all over the world. Let’s get it started. One of the best season to go to *Argentina* is November to witness *Party with the cowboys in San Antonio de Areco.* It's when the summer starts in Argentina! The annual *El Dia de Tradicion (The Day of Tradition) festival* starts the next weekend and celebrates the birth of José Hernández, a writer and poet famous for his works about the daily life of the gaucho. *San Antonio de Areco* is the centre of Argentina’s cowboy culture, so if there would be one recommendation on where to go during festivities it would be this one for sure! What to see? Perfectly groomed horses around Areco’s town square, the unbelievable procession with solo riders wielding an assembly of wild horses through the streets, ornate chariots carrying girls in traditional dress and a marching bands, games, folk dances, craft exhibitions....What to eat? Delicious traditional food. feast on asado (barbecue) – mouth-watering grilled steaks an d obligatory chorizo! November 14: [Lord Mayor's Show](https://lordmayorsshow.london/), traditional pageants in the City of London, including horse-drawn coach parades and fireworks, England November 18–29: [International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam](https://www.idfa.nl/industry.aspx), Netherlands November 19–23: [Les Trois Glorieuses](http://www.burgundytoday.com/gourmet-traveller/wine-festivals.htm), (Wine Auction and Festival), Beaune, France November 23: [Zibelemärit](http://www.bern.ch/leben_in_bern/freizeit/maerkte/copy_of_zibelemaerit), Traditional onion-market fair, Bern, Switzerland Cheers, DMastermind