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Must visit places in October

Thu, 01 Oct 2015 12:49:40 GMT

Hi guys, If you ever thought that Septmber is the best month to travel, you were only partly right. Why? *Because October is awesome too!* The only trick is to know where to go and what to see. Read our *"Thursday Travel News"* every week and plan your smart traveling schedule with [LeafCanoe](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/leafcanoe/id951363124?mt=8). Since *October* is the middle of autumn, it is the best month to appreciate colorful autumn scenery. Cool weather in October can make your tour places like Southern and Central Europe more comfortable and enjoyable. The same stands for Asian countries like Taiwan, China, South Korea or Japan. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid China’s National Day holiday, lasting from October 1 to October 7, as there are visitors literally EVERYWHERE, and hotels & airlines raise their prices during these days. Apart from the natural beauty of this season, there's plenty of festivals/cultural activities happening in October all over the world. After this a bit long introduction *today I am opening a new thread wi th the most exciting places/events/festivals to see in October*. I hope you join in this discussion and give us more ideas on where to travel in the second month of Autumn. *Thursday Travel News: Where to go during the first 2 weeks of October:* `September 25-October 11`: [The Cannstatter Wasen](http://www.stuttgart-tourist.de/en/search-book/e-stuttgart-beer-festival-2015) (Stuttgart Beer Festival) Stuttgart, Germany `October 2–11`: [International Theater Festival MESS](http://www.mess.ba/2015/), Sarajevo `October 2–7:` [1001 International Documentary Film Festival](http://1001documentary.net/index_en.php), Istanbul, Turkey `October 2–4`: [Festa d’Autunno, Lugano](http://www.luganoturismo.ch/it/161/festa-d-autunno.aspx?idActivity=609&idMod=418) (food and wine harvest festival), Switzerland `October 3`: [Rawa Blues Festival](https://rawablues.com/pl/), Katowice, Poland `October 3–19:` [Café Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival](http://www.budapestbylocals.com/event/budapest-autumn-festival/), Hungary `October 3, 9, 10`: [Rugby World Cup 2015](https://www.rugbyworldcup.com/fixtures), England `October 4–November 11`: [Old Vine Festival](http://wineevents.si/event/the-old-vine-festival-maribor/), Maribor (wine, folk music and dancing), Slovenia `October`: [Octoberfest](http://www.oktoberfest.de/en/), Munich, Germany `October 5–6`: [Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah](http://www.chabadprague.cz/templates/articlecco_cdo/aid/3032922/jewish/SUKKOT-5776.htm), Prague, Czech Republic `October 9–18`: [Stockholm Jazz Festival](http://www.stockholmjazz.com/), Sweden I hope you love this list and that you will have the time of your life in those places! Let me know your thoughts, Cheers, Dmastermind

Thu, 01 Oct 2015 21:50:27 GMT

Octoberfest sounds so tempting! :-D [Octoberfest](//muut.com/u/leafcanoer/s2/:leafcanoer:sB7l:octoberfest.jpg.jpg)

Sat, 03 Oct 2015 00:17:27 GMT

Looks very interesting

Sun, 04 Oct 2015 17:53:21 GMT

especially for guys ;-)