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Must visit places in September!

Tue, 22 Sep 2015 09:35:33 GMT

Hi guys, I am opening a new thread with the most exciting places/events/festivals to see in September. I hope you join in this discussion and give us more ideas on where to travel in the first month of Autumn. *September* is my favorite time of the year. It's warm and sunny, but not too hot, and in many countries all over Europe (+Canada) you can admire the splendid *Indian Summer*. There's plenty of reasons why you should love September, but the first things coming to my mind are: *Tasty fall gardens* with pumpkin and plums or super healthy greens, like spinach, kale and lettuces! *Brown, red and golden yellow leaves* in parks, gardens and quiet alleys. The best season for taking magical autumn pictures, just think of it... *At least twice a week I will be adding travel news* with must-visit places in September on our [Official LeafCanoe Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/leafcanoepage) , and if you like it & find it useful we will continue with our travel news through October as well. Let me know your thoughts, DMastermind

Tue, 22 Sep 2015 22:55:46 GMT

you forgot about chestnuts, they are the best! ;-)

Thu, 24 Sep 2015 08:42:28 GMT

Right! Autumn Chestnuts! Thanks for a reminder!